Despite a Mormon upbringing, I survived a troubled and lack-luster childhood by relying on my imagination. Colors found in the natural beauty of earth and sky saved me. Born in San Diego, then living near the ocean in Huntington Beach, later Tucson, Arizona and finally the PNW taught me that the elements of color, pattern and light are extraordinarily healing. After 8 years at The Seattle Times I jumped off and committed to live as an artist. I have always wanted to do portraits and eventually became aware that I have always had an ability to see the innate beauty and dignity – within any person.

During the next 20 years I had many artistic successes but struggled with despair while battling *invisible* conditions such as depression and chronic fatigue. Arresting my pain, fear and isolation began with a deeper commit to art and the intention of healing through art while connecting with others. My deepest gladness is in creating a portrait that is a living testament of the essence of those I paint, revealing that your beauty and dignity is always there!